Training in USA Staffing and Recruitment

Leading US Staffing Company “Delivering Operational Excellence through quality and innovation” WestgatesIT Technologies offers a wide-range and best-in-class suite of value-based business solutions comprising of IT services, HR solutions, On-site & Off-site Outsourcing and Consulting services that are built on its robust process domain and people management expertise. At WestgatesIT Technologies, we believe in a work culture that is open and energetic. Our operational methodology is clear and object oriented, blended with flexibility and a proactive attitude to help us focus on developing the right expertise that is required to deliver an unmatched set of services and products. Our team of experts works 24/7 to add value to your existing business and help you grow exponentially.

Giving staffing professionals an excellent opportunity to gauge the industry’s current growth. The 102 companies that made the list were ranked in descending order of compound annual growth rate over five years and identified by the top staffing segments they serve. The list spans a wide range of revenue totals and segments served, forming a comprehensive view of the top performers across the staffing industry.