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USA or the United States of America is the federal republic that contains a federal district along with 50 states. People from all around the world come to this country to pursue education. With 316 million people in 3.79 million square miles, USA has fourth largest area inhabited by a large number of population. As the nation is spread through vast region, you can find extreme diverse climatic region that makes it the home of the wide variety of wildlife. This nation is the pioneer of the national economy around the world. It is the centre of research and development for people around the world.

The USA has observed some major revolutionary changes after Columbus visited the country in 1492. Slavery was the dominant part of American culture in the 18th century. A revolutionary war was declared by Native Americans against the British Empire that lasted for almost nine years before America finally achieved its freedom. The Civil War that lasts for almost five years killed almost 70,000 people. In the First World War, America lost 118,000 soldiers. In the Second World War, they made use of Atom bomb for the first time in the entire history of the world. Later in 1960s, all the people despite white or black were given the equal rights as a result of Civil Rights Movement.
A great variety of landscapes are available around the nation. Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, Mojave and Chihuahua deserts, rocky Great Basin, Alaska along with some active volcano in Hawaii, Alexander and Aleutian Islands of Alaska form the notable landscapes of the USA.
Why USA for Education
USA is a leading country in all spheres. Same is applied with its education also. Educational institutes of the nation emphasize on the practical application of the lesson instead of theoretical knowledge. This enables the students of the institutes to achieve huge success in the professional field. This even enhances and attracts a large number of students around the world to enroll in different courses from the nation. The multicultural ambience of the nation makes it easy for students to get themselves adjusted in the country.
If you are interested in pursuing your career in the medical field with the sole purpose of helping others at the time of their distress, you must undertake the required course to start your career in your favorite field with great pace. Being a well developed nation, USA has a well developed education system that contains well structured MBBS program. If you are interested in commencing the course and want to know the latest advancement in the field of medical sciences, USA is the nation that should be your first choice. It is worth mentioning that enrolling in such colleges or schools will offer you with Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) or Doctor of Medicine (MD) degrees.
University of Arizona College of Medicine, University of Alabama School of Medicine, Irvine School of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine, University of California, George Washington University Medical School, Indiana University School of Medicine are some of the leading medical schools and colleges that come with well equipped laboratory facilities so that students can explore the latest techniques and tools of the medical field.
Fees Structure
Tuition fees of the medical colleges and schools of the USA vary a lot based on the type of program, location of the institute and nationality of the students. In most cases, in each year an international student requires paying a sum of $45,000 as the tuition fees, $5,000 as services and Health insurance, $15,000 for hostels and food, $5,000 as transportation and $2,000 as other expenses. Hence, a total of almost $300,000 is required for pursuing the entire course of four years. Payment procedure is really easy to help the students pursuing the same.
Admission Process
To enroll in the MBBS course, you have to appear in the MCAT that stands for Medical College Admission Test. This is a must requirement for every applicant who wishes to pursue the medical course in colleges and universities of USA. The exam is of duration five hours and contains three compulsory steps with an optional trial section. The registration fees of the exam is around $350 for international students.
Housing accommodations are also available for the internationals students for their facilities. However, limited seats are available in some institutes. In most of the institutes, food and bedding charges are additional.
Cheap transportation options are available for the students of the medical course. A lot of transportation facilities including bus, taxis and metros are available for easily commuting from one place to another.
To help the students in their meals, several cafeterias and restaurants are there within the campus of the institutes that offer several dishes at the best possible prices. You can find dishes according to your requirement that may even include special ones or vegetarian dishes. It is worth mentioning over here that, in most of the places, several restaurants are there around the campuses of the colleges and universities that would offer special student discounts.
The climate of the USA varies a lot based on the location. You can find tropical, humid subtropical and humid continental climate in different parts of the nation. In some places, weather is extreme. As everything is well constructed and well developed in this pioneer nation, lot of students prefer to pursue their medical courses from the USA so that they can explore the latest technicalities and apply them in the welfare of society.


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