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MBBS in Ukraine
Ukraine is a country that falls in the European continent. It lies in the eastern part of the continent. Geographically Ukraine makes borders with the Soviet Union alias the Russian federation in the East and the northeast, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland are the country that forms the neighbors of Ukraine in the west, Belarus to the northwest, Moldova and Romania in the Southwest. The water bodies like the black sea and the Sea of Azov lies to the South and southeast respectively.

The country has an area as large as six lakh three thousand six hundred and twenty eight kilometers square that is a figure of 603,628km. The vastness of the area makes Ukraine significantly the largest country of the largest continent Europe.As per the records and available scriptures, the first east Slavic state that was under the dominion of Kevin Russ was established by the Varangians late back in the 9th century. This east Slavic state emerged as a power nation initially but due to its several internal riots it very soon disintegrated by the end of 12th century.

It is reported that by the end of the 14th century the major territorial area of Ukraine was under the rule of three divided powers, namely the Golden Horde, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and the Kingdom of Poland. With the great Northern war of the 17 century, Ukraine, a large country got subdivided among various regional powers. The major divisions were further amalgamated into Russia and the remaining part of Ukraine came to be known as a part of the Austro Hungarian Empire.Late back to the end of 19th century, the country of Ukraine has witnessed very wide and large kind of upsurges eventually.

It has been a country that although has got the maximum area but remained divided throughout the reoccurrences of civil wars. Ruled by a large number of independent powers Ukraine finally found its independence when the structure of Soviet Union was ultimately dissolved.Since the dissolution of Soviet Union, Ukraine has emerged out as a country with the second largest military sections in entire Europe. Christianity being the dominating religion of the country, Ukrainian remains the official language, besides, this language Russian is also widely spoken. The country is home to around 46 million peoples and has got reasonable attributes in the field of art, music and architecture.

Till the 16th century Ukraine was known as Kievan Rus. Kiev was a major cultural and political center in Eastern Europe. In the 10th century, the country reached the pinnacle of power. The Kievan power ended in 1240 with the Mongol conquest. Right after the Russian revolution Ukraine declared its independence from Russia on 28th Jan 1918. After Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Ukraine gained independence. In 2002, Ukraine announced the decision to join NATO.
Ukraine spans over a large area. It is the second largest country in Europe. The regions in the country have divrese geography which ranges from highlands to lowlands. The country lies in the northern shores of Sea of Azov and the Black Sea. The middle of the country is comprised of mixed forests and towards the Black Sea coast lie grasslands. Carpathian Mountains move into the western part of the country. The highest peak in Ukraine is Hoverla.
Why Ukraine
Ukraine offers wonderful educational opportunities to medical students. Potential medical students can benefit from the medical programs offered by the country. The programs have been designed for English speaking people. While studying in Ukraine, you will not face language barriers. The accredited courses and programs offered by the country are recognized across the globe. As you plan your study in Ukraine, you can enjoy the sightseeing options, culture and take on new experiences.

MBBS in Ukraine

The country is known for the medical programs which it offers. Indian students can gain the advantage of studying medical programs in Ukraine. As the class size is small you can easily clear your doubts and increase your knowledge in the subject. The classrooms are practical oriented which increases the interests of the students in the subject. After completing the degree, the students can sit for a screening test which makes them eligible for MCI registration.

The country is known for the medical programs which it offers. Indian students can gain the advantage of studying medical programs in Ukraine. As the class size is small you can easily clear your doubts and increase your knowledge in the subject. The classrooms are practical oriented which increases the interests of the students in the subject. After completing the degree, the students can sit for a screening test which makes them eligible for MCI registration.Ukraine the European country that has the achievement of 100% of literacy is the best place for studying medicine in the world. Ukrainian medical universities are certainly the premium and the best choice for any student who is interested in studying medicine and hopes for a career into it.

Medicine is one such branch that is considered the toughest amongst all other preparations, now with the Ukrainian medical universities you need not to put in such huge efforts, costs and time for the preparation of the medical entrance exams. In India, you have slimmer chances of being selected and even when you make into it, the college you are offered is not of your choice, say not the best one.The tremendous advantage of studying medicine in Ukraine is that you do not have to sit for any entrance test. The admission is on the basis of marks obtained in class 12th. No sooner you complete your degree just apply for a screening test to get license to practice. If you make into it, you get the MCI registration. This MCI registration is required and sort of mandatory as it gives you the opportunity to practice as registered medical practitioner.


The top universities of Ukraine include Lugansk State Medical University which is known for variety of specialties which it offers. The modern, well equipped college boasts of six departments. Crimea State Medical University is also reputed for medical programs. This college boasts of quality academic staff. The duration of the MBBS course in each college is 6 years. Donetsk National Medical University helps the students to specialize in general medicine.

Medical Universities
Ivano Frankisvk National Medical University

Ivano is one of the oldest and leading medical universities in Ukraine that has been listed in the WHO directory of medical schools and in the US Faimer International Medical Education Directory. The university has been in operation from the last 68 years.

Teaching Methodologies

The university has adopted several hi-tech teaching methodologies to cater to the ever growing demands of the students. The faculty members are highly qualified and have vast amount of teaching experience. They insist on learning both theory and practicals so that the students become well versed in each and every aspect of their course. The university founded in 1945 has a legacy to churn out great doctors. Each of the programs taught in the university are regulated and approved by Ministry of education and science of Ukraine and Ministry of health of Ukraine. The degrees are legalized by Ministry of health as well as Foreign affairs ministry.

Courses on Offer and their duration
  • General Medicine- In order to get doctor of medical degree, one has to study a strict curriculum of 6 years
  • Dentistry- For getting the degree of Doctor of Dentistry, one has to have study a 5 year course
  • Pediatrics- The course is of 6 years duration and one can fetch the degree of doctor of medicine.
  • Pharmacy- The bachelors of Pharmacy is of 5 year course.
  • Nursing- The course ranges from 3 to 4 years.
  • Prosthodontics( MDS/ Clinical Residency)- It is of 2 years course.
The post graduate training in any field of medicine includes the following aspects:-
  • Internship
  • Clinical Residentura
  • Master and Phd course
  • Specialization and Post-diploma training for doctors

Ivano provides excellent hostel accommodation for students coming from abroad. There are a total of six buildings with a capacity to accommodate 4000 students. The rooms are furnished with every modern amenity. The toilet is attached with each apartment and on each floor, there is a common hall as well as common kitchen. There is also the provision of gym and table tennis court.

Kharkiv National Medical University

Kharkiv National Medical University is quite an old university that provides highest medical education to students coming far and wide. The university was founded in 1805 and since then has been offering undergraduate and post graduate degrees like MBBS, BDS, MD, MS, Nursing etc. Former students of this university are outstanding scientists and doctors of repute practicing in several countries of the world.

Recognition and Rewards

The university ranks 26th place and 5th place among higher medical establishments of Ukraine in the database of SCOPUS. It ranks 47th among Ukrainian higher educational establishments by UNESCO Top 200. In year 2000, the university was awarded with Order of Honor and Silver diploma by the rating ‘Golden Fortune’. Also, in year 2010, the university was honored with title- ‘Leader of Modern Education’ at the International exhibition titled- Modern Education of Ukraine.The university is recognized by MCI and WHO.

Teaching Methodologies and Faculty

The faculty here is highly qualified with several years of experience of teaching in related field. The students undergo both academic and practical training in main medical specialties. The teachers encourage students to take part in examinations of patients, giving urgent aid, work at X-ray rooms, clinical and biochemical laboratories. There are a total of 56 departments wherein the clinical and theoretical training is performed. At present, there are over 700 teachers working in different departments of medicine. The language of instruction is both English and Russian.


There is the provision of good hostel system with fully furnished rooms, quite study environment as well as recreation center. Dormitory rooms at hostel can accommodate 2 or 3 students in a room. There is provision of bed, mattress, pillow, blanket, desk, chair, Almira, heating water system and suitable lighting for study and relaxation, thus the students can feel at ease while staying here.


There are numerous food outlets within and nearby university area that serve food of nearly all nationalities.

Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University

Founded in 1784, Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University is 229 year old university in Ukraine. It is the biggest and oldest medical university in Ukraine and own 4th level of accreditation.

Rewards and Recognition

University is a member of International and European Association of Universities. The university is also listed in Directory of World Health Organization and into Directory of Universities of Central European countries. The university is rated at 2nd position among medical universities and academies of Ukraine by a survey conducted by Scopus 2010.

Specialized courses on offer

Today, there are a total of 22 scientific schools that function and develop in university and these are:- Obstetrics and gynecology, biochemical, hygiene, infectious diseases, history of medicine and pharmacy, microbiological, morphological, neurology and neurosurgery, oncology, otorhynolaryngology, ophthalmological, pathological anatomy and pathological physiology, pediatric, psychiatric, dentistry, internal diseases, pharmacological, physiological, chemistry and pharmacy, surgery.

Faculty and Facilities

The current academic staff comprises of 88 professors, 294 associate professors as well as 400 assistant professors who teach more than 4000 students. The university library comprises of more than 53000 volumes of textbooks, manuals and other medical literature. There is also the facility of modern computer equipment and internet connection that is conducted with other scientific city libraries.Hostel facility is also provided to the students coming from abroad. There is availability of fully air conditioned rooms.There is also cafeteria which serves food of nearly all nationalities so that students can feel like at home

Duration of Courses

To become physician in medicine, you need to complete a strict 6 year curriculum. The degree will lead to Doctor of Medicine. The Doctor of Dentistry includes studying a 5 year learning curriculum. In order to gain the degree of doctorate in Pharmacy, one has to complete 5 years of studies.After completing bachelors, students are given opportunity to go for post graduate degree which ranges from 3-6 years.

The courses are conducted in English, Ukranian and Russian medium of language.

Studying Conditions

Training of foreign students is conducted as per plans and syllabus of the university. After graduating, the foreign students receive degrees of international pattern certifying that they acquired the education of a definite qualification degree in accordance with educational system structure existing in Ukraine.

Lugansk State Medical University

Established in 1956, the Lugansk State Medical university is one of the most ancient and prominent medical higher academic institute of Ukraine. The University provides high quality education to over 3000 students from more than 60 countries, every year. The graduates are allowed to work successfully in many countries of the world in the field of science and public health services. They are also eligible for MCI screening test to clear the medical licensing test of the country-India.Lugansk State Medical University has a top level accreditation by the State Accreditation Committee of Ukraine. With several faculties along with a preparatory department, the University trains experts via the following education courses: Undergraduate, Specialists, and Masters. The activities of the University adheres to norms of Constitution of Ukraine, Health Department and Education Department of Ukraine, the rules of University, Ukrainian Legislation and Cabinet Ministers of Ukraine Acts.

Crimea State Medical University

Crimea State Medical University is located in the beautiful city of Simferopol, Ukraine. The university is the most prominent medical institute in the country and offers various medical courses to the students at large. In fact, it is one of the leading universities in Ukraine.Launched in 1918 as a medical faculty of Taurida University, today the University is elevating itself to keep up with the changing trends in medical education and research. The University is attested as per the highest level of accreditation (4th level). It is certified by the International Education Society as AA- level high school.It ranks at the third position amongst the leading Medical Universities in Ukraine. The activities of the University works in coordination with the Constitution of Ukraine, Health Department, Rules of University, Official Ukrainian Laws and Acts issued the Cabinet Ministers and President of Ukraine. Students from more than 45 countries enrol in the medical programs of the University. The University aims to offer the student with outstanding education experience in the medical field.

Fee structure

Tuition fee of studying medicine in Ukraine is $4000 per annum approximately. Cost of accommodation is $700 per year. By shelling this amount of money, you can avail the benefits of a new furnished room. Cost of medical insurance is $300 yearly. The students need to undergo an initial medical checkup for which a fee of $200 needs to be paid. The registration and admission fee are $100.

Admission process

For admission to the Ukrainian universities, the Indian students, need to clear their Senior Secondary education from a recognized school. It is mandatory to have biology in standard 12th. It is essential that the visa process takes place successfully. For that the aspirants should contact the Ukrainian embassy. Some documents, which are required in the admission process, are original invitation letter, a valid passport, certificate and transcripts of the 10th and 12th standard. You also need to furnish a birth certificate, which is translated in the Ukrainian language,and a medical certificate which proves that you are free from HIV and AIDS.


Universities in Ukraine have designed a developed hostel system for the international students. The rooms are well furnished and the hostels offer the perfect environment for study. You can get access to internet facilities from the hostel rooms. The rooms are provided with a separate kitchen. Students have access to 24 hour emergency medical services. You can sign a contract with the university regarding the hostel room in which you can accommodate for a complete academic year.


The road network in Ukraine is highly developed. You can get to any part of the country with bus or train service. Fare for a distance of 500km is hardly $12-15. You can book the tickets in advance. Certain local companies offer facilities of air travel within the country. Some universities offer pick-up services for international students when they arrive for the first time in the country.


The MBBS Universities in Ukraine don’t have any mess with the Indian foodstuff. In fact, the availability of common kitchen helps the students to cook whatever they like to. Cooking Indian food independently is the best way to enjoy it. Three or four MBBS students can work as a group to brew some Indian dishes in a hygienic, economical, and healthy way. The only thing they have to do is to purchase the groceries and utensils from Ukraine malls. After witnessing the migration of many Indian students towards Ukraine, a lot of local Indian restaurants have come up that offer luscious Indian food. The seniors help the Indian freshers in finding the best restaurants in the country.


A major part of Ukraine experiences a continental climate. The climate in the southern and western parts of the country is milder than the northern and eastern region. In the northern part of the country, the coldest month is January.

Our Services

A large number of efficient students are looking forward for a successful career in medical sector. In the recent decade, Ukraine have developed as one of the most influential and strong educational hub in the field of health and medicines. So, with the vast increase in the number of students, going to the country for pursuing MBBS course, there is a great need of right guidance and consultancy service. We, at MBBS in Ukraine is the best source of help for the students who are willing to seek admission in one of the best medical universities of the counrty. Many times, the skilled and worthy students drop their ideas of studying abroad due to lack of proper knowledge and guidance.

The country offers a number of profitable opportunities for acquiring an expert MBBS degree. If you wish to study MBBS in Ukraine, then you must go through our website. We have specifically designed it to serve our readers with all the important information and data that the students need. A large number of students have already been benefitted with our services and information. So, we ensure that our information will always prove to be beneficial for you as we strive to offer you with the most recent updates. We work to inform you about all types of educational programs and courses that are offered in the different universities of the Ukraine.

We also enable our readers to know about the cost structure of these well-known programs. Other than these services, we also offer information about the genuine and exact procedure for seeking admission in the country’s colleges. Our services well define the eligibility criteria framed by the different colleges. Hence, if you have any sort of issue, you are most welcomed to discuss your query with us. We have a team of qualified, knowledgeable and experienced experts that will surely render you with the most effective and convenient solutions.

We help you with best ideas, in order to remove all obstruction that comes in the way of your dream. We know that for an international student, searching for the most suitable university in an unknown place is a very challenging task. Therefore, we at MBBS in Ukraine strive to help you with best suggestion for all international students that are looking-forward for a successful career in medical field. We excel in all types of consultancy and updating service that a student needs the most!


The students who seek admission in international universities are obligatory to have several questions in their minds. And, before going for admissions, it is important for every candidate to acquire complete information about education in Ukraine and solve all the queries coming up in your mind. We offer to solve all your queries via our team of experts to answer all your questions and help you develop a beautiful career. We put in our best effort to remove all the doubts from the minds of aspiring students who are looking for medical courses in Ukraine. Here is a short question answer which generally solves the queries arising in the minds of the students.

What is the cost of education, food and living in Ukraine?

As compared to most of the European countries, the best thing which you like about studying in Ukraine is that the standard of living, food, and education here is very cheap regardless of the high quality. Moreover, you are not burdened with the expensive tuition fees of the universities. You can acquire a degree at about 30% less cost as compared to the other countries.

What is the admission procedure to apply for any course in Ukraine?

In order to apply for any course in Ukraine, the student has to contact with the international office of the University which you have chosen. As per the instructions of the international office, you will be required to proceed with application process for your desired course.

What all preparation do you have to do for the courses you apply?

The best thing about the Universities of Ukraine is that there is no entrance exam. Your admissions totally depend on the number of vacancies available in different universities along with the marks secured by you at the previous levels.

Is education difficult in Ukraine?

No, education is not at all difficult in Ukraine. You don’t have to go through extensive tutorial classes. You don’t have to attend any coaching classes. Your education is more practical oriented rather than classroom oriented.

What are the medium of instructions used in the Ukraine colleges?

The universities of Ukraine make use of different mediums of instructions which include English, Russian and Ukrainian. Thus, it is not at all a problem for international students who are looking forward to pursue studies in Ukraine. For Indians, English is used as the medium of instruction.

What are the different courses offered in the universities of Ukraine?

The Ukrainian Universities offer all programs starting from graduation to post graduation courses and doctorate courses too. Some universities even offer diploma programs too in various disciplines.

How does the Ukraine University treat every student equally?

The law of Ukraine states that all the students who apply for studies in Ukraine should be given equal rights irrespective of their caste, sex and religion. And the Ukrainian universities work in accordance of the foreign law.

What are the eligibility criteria for admissions?

The admission process is very simple. Once you complete your 12th, you can take admission in the University of Ukraine. You just need a medical test and get your documents translated and sit for the Visa interview.

Will I get a good career by pursuing my future education from Ukrainian Universities?

You can easily go anywhere in the world with the degree from the Ukrainian Universities. You are liable to get any good positioned job anywhere across the world with the degrees attained at the Ukrainian University

Is the information reliable?

Our team of professionals have done their best to ensure that information presented to you is genuine, reliable and up to date. You won’t have any doubt regarding the authenticity of our website.


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