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For MBBS in Slovakia Student has to Clear Medical Entrance exam and after this student will start their Medical Program. Course Budget is 45 Lacs Indian Currency, Living Cost – 300 To 500 Euro.
Slovakia or Slovak Republic is a country in Central Europe. With a population of more than 5 million, the country is pretty well developed. There are good educational facilities supported by the state due to which it has caught the attention of students looking forward to pursue an international career. Slovakia is a member state of the United Nations, NATO, and European Union, among others. Slovak is the official language of the country. The economy is advanced with the highest per capital income.

Historical Importance:
From the 4th centuries to the 6th centuries, the country faced several invasions from different empires. Well, it was the end of communist rule in Czechoslovakia in 1989 that the country divided into two separate states namely, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Both the countries share a peaceful relation now.
Geographical Importance:
The landscape of Slovakia is mountainous in nature. The Carpathian Mountains extend across the northern half of the country. The largest lowland is considered to be fertile. There are 9 national parks in the country along with many caves, rivers and lakes.
Climatic Factors:
The climate here lies between temperate and continental. The summers are warm and the winters are cold, humid and cloudy. There is a difference in the weather from the mountainious regions in the north to the plains in the south.
Prominence of Slovakia:
In the recent years, Slovakia is growing as an extremely prominent country to attract international students across the world. The country has some of the most developed education systems offering world-class education to the students. There are different programs offered here, and each of these are structurally designed to offer the best facilities to the students. The syllabus is updated while the course fee is less. The living standards are high, and the government offers the opportunity to students to work in part-time jobs while studying. This makes Slovakia as the hottest hub for international education.
Medical Education in Slovakia:
Among the different educational programs that are renowned in Slovakia, medical education is one of them. Some of the top medical universities situated here are accredited by the Medical Council of India and even the World Health Organisation. They offer sophisticated standards of medical education like the ones that are available in India. Moreover, on the completion of the 6 years MBBS programs, the students are eligible to apply for medical license at MCI. This indicates that the degree acquired here is highly valuable all over the world.
Top Ranking Universities:
There are some prominent medical universities in Slovakia that attract international students. The Slovak Medical University is definitely the most in-demand one. The institution offers medical educational programs in English medium due to which language barrier will not be a factor for the students. It is a public institution offering higher education, and it acts under the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic. The university offers 6 years medical program and has the experienced faculty and updated classroom facilities so that the students get the best opportunities for development.
Fee Structure:
The fee is relatively lower in Slovakia compared to many other European countries. In addition to that, there are financial institutions that can offer grants and financial aids to the students. Apart from the tuition fee, the other fees charged includes the registration fee, medical insurance fee, and often accommodation fee.
The Procedure for Admission:
Admission of students depends mainly on the marks secured in the higher secondary education. The students should have obtained at least 50% marks with physics, chemistry and biology as the main subjects. If the need arises, the students might have to sit for an entrance exam that can help in determining the eligibility for admission. The visa process also takes place successfully so that the students do not experience any barrier in enrolling in the top institution.
The hostel facilities are available within the campus of medical universities so that the students will not have to search for the accomodation separately. The hostel fee will also be charged during the admission which will depend on the nature of rooms provided. However, the students can expect to have well-furnished rooms in the hostel.
Mode of Transport:
The transportation system of the country is mainly dependent on roadways with four main highways. There are river ports in Slovakia that connects to the international boat traffic.
Slovak Cuisine:
The traditional Slovak cuisine is mainly pork meat, bread and milk products. The meals also includes potatoes in different forms. Blood sausage is a renowned Slovak meal. In addition to that, wine is enjoyed by all the residents of this country.


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