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In Mauritius Mbbs course fees is around 35,00,000 INR , Living Cost- 200 to 300 USD per Month, Course Duration – 5 Years.
Mauritius is an island nation which was discovered by Portuguese explorers in 1507. The multi-cultural and multi-ethnic milieu of the country offers a perfect environment to pursue higher studies. Most Mauritians are multilingual and can speak in English. Some of the world’s rarest plants and animals can be found on the island.

The island was colonized by the Dutch in 1638. The island has been named after Prince Maurice of Nassau. The island prospered under the French East India Company. French language is widely used in the island. In 1810, the island was captured by the British. Indo Mauritians have descended from Indian immigrants who reached the island country as plantation owners and slaves. 17 % of the community is Muslims who have reached from the Indian subcontinent. Today, the country is officially known as Republic of Mauritius.
The island is situated in the eastern regions of Madagascar. The land area of the country is 2040 square meters. The archipelago has been formed by a series of volcanic eruptions. Mount Piton is the highest point of the island. The geography of the island comprises of Mont Blanche, Savanne Mountains, Grand Port Range and Mont Piton. The most important natural resource in the country is its arable land.
Why Mauritius
Higher education in Mauritius comprises of technical institutes, colleges and universities. The education sector in the island country is managed by Tertiary Education Commission which shoulders important responsibilities of allocating funds, co-coordinating training and post-secondary education. An MBBS program in Mauritius is a four and half year program. It has been seen that Mauritius is a favored destination for Indian students who wish to pursue medicine.
MBBS in Mauritius
Medical courses in the country are recognized by USMLE, WHO, MCI and PLAB. The syllabus of the medical programs is based on the guidelines of Medical Council of India and Medical Council of Mauritius. The colleges offer international quality of training and education. Students who have passed out from the Mauritius universities are placed in many of the advanced nations. The faculty at the colleges is reputed for their experience and dedication.
Medical Education in Slovakia:
Among the different educational programs that are renowned in Slovakia, medical education is one of them. Some of the top medical universities situated here are accredited by the Medical Council of India and even the World Health Organisation. They offer sophisticated standards of medical education like the ones that are available in India. Moreover, on the completion of the 6 years MBBS programs, the students are eligible to apply for medical license at MCI. This indicates that the degree acquired here is highly valuable all over the world.
Padmashree Dr D. Y. Patil Medical College and Anna Medical College and Research Centre are two centers of excellence which offer MBBS programs in Mauritius. They are affiliated to University of Technology Mauritius. The programs are in line with the curriculum that has been designed by the Medical council Of India. The programs are approved by the Academic Council of the university. The focus of the programs is to train the students into skillful and knowledgeable doctors who are committed to serving the people.
Fee Structure:
Students need to shell out $70,100 for an undergraduate course in medicine. Cost of living in the country has been estimated at $275 per month. Each institution has a Desk Officer who helps the international students during their stay overseas.
Admission process
Admission to the colleges in the country takes place twice in a year. It is during the months of February and August that you can enroll in a MBBS program. Students need to attain 17 years before they apply for the MBBS courses. You need to secure a minimum of 60% in 12th Standard examinations with Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It is important to assure that you have the required funds and financial resources to pay the fees. Selection takes place on merit.
As you reach Mauritius to embark upon the course, you can stay with the Mauritian families. You can select among single and shared rooms. You can move into flats and share it with other people. The costs of accommodation depend on the size of the room and facilities. The student service department will be able to furnish all details related to making necessary accommodation in Mauritius. It is important to have the proximity of the institute to the place you have selected for stay.
A number of bus companies offer their services in the country. To travel independently, you can avail independent taxis which are available at every part of the country. In urban areas, buses run from 5:30 am to 8:00 pm. You can also avail car and scooter rental services. You can travel to different parts of the island in a scooter.
Mauritius offers incredible seafood which is prepared in the form of curries or stew. The country offers delectable Cantonese food. Chinese dim sums with a Mauritian touch are worth a try. The staple diet of the island is rice. Chinese migrants have made noodles popular in the island. Several Asian restaurants are present in the island which offers chicken, squid, and fish and beef dishes.
Mauritius is a tropical island and has a lot of greenery. During winters, the temperatures can range from 20 degrees Celsius to 26 degrees Celsius. During summers, the temperature can go up to 32 degrees Celsius. Steady wind blows from the easterly direction.


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