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MBBS in Kyrgyzstan : Before Going to Study MBBS in OSH Medical University in Kyrgyzstan, You should know about the beautiful country Kyrgyzstan which is located in the central part of Asia and follows a parliamentary republic system. Kyrgyz is the national language of the country which bears a close resemblance with that of different Turkic languages. It also shares strong cultural and historical ties with the country.

The country is divided into seven provinces, which consists of different districts and is administered by governors. Bishkek is the capital of the country.

The history of the country dates back to 2000 years. In spite of its rough terrain, the country played an important role in trade through Silk Route. Until the nineteenth century, the country was ruled by different dynasties and its independence was invaded by different foreigners. In 1876, it was included in the Russian Empire. Later in August 1991, it emerged as an independent nation and gradually a democratic government was established.
This country shares its borders with China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. It has high deposits of gold and other rarely found metals. Majority of the landmass of the country is covered with mountains which is about 80% of the total area and leaves little scope for cultivation. Issyk-Kil Lake is the largest mountain lake of the country. The terrain of this country makes the country often refered as the Switzerland of Central Asia.
Why Kyrgyzstan
Universities providing MBBS degree are recognized by World Health Organization and also by the Medical Council of India. So, with this degree in India, you can sit for the screening test that is required to fetch a job in this field. Academic year of this course consists of two semesters, and the admission procedure begins in the month of September. The module of the course follows the international standards. Medium of instruction of this course is in English, which helps the international students to a great deal. Students with this degree can apply for employments test in European Union and USA also.
MBBS in Kyrgyzstan
Duration of MBBS course is of six years. In the first five years, students are imparted knowledge on the basics of medical sciences and clinical studies and the last year is solely dedicated to practical training in hospital attached to the university. This course utilizes modules that are technically supported by the World Health Organization. Universities have also introduced credit hours system in this course.
Only three noted universities in the country provide MBBS courses to the international students. Those are Osh State Medical University, Krygyz State Medical University and International University of Kyrgyzstan. These universities are registered with the government of the country. They even cover the medical insurance of the international students. These universities have fully equipped library that have resources and seamless internet connection that connects students to the people in other parts of the world.
Osh Medical University
The Medical Institute at the Osh Medical University was found in the year 1992 as the Osh State Pedagogical Institute was transformed into Osh State University. The university has the history of training medical students from different countries. They maintain the highest standards of education and have the repute of institutional integrity and academic honesty. The medical courses are offered in both Russian and English medium of instruction. The medical institute trains students in the field of pediatrics and General Medicine. It has a teaching hospital attached that is equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities for diagnosis and treating the patients. The library of the institute is one of its kinds in the country, and it publishes various international journals and other publications.
Overview of the course
It is one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Academic year of the medical courses comprises of two semesters. Duration of the course is of six years. The first five years are didactic in nature as students are imparted knowledge on the different areas of medical sciences. They get an insight to the different parts and the system of the human body that prepares them for the clinical rotation in the hospital. In the last year, students undertake clinical rotation in the different departments of the hospital. Through this training, students have an in-depth knowledge of the treatment procedure.
Bright future prospect
After completion of this course, students are awarded the M.D degree. Since the university follows the international standards and abides by the Bologna Process, students can pursue post-graduation in different reputed European Universities and other noted institutes in different parts of the world. The World Health Organization, International Medical Education Directory and Education Commission recognize the university for Foreign Medical Graduates. The Medical Council of India and other Medical councils of different countries recognize the degree conferred at the end of the course. Thus, after completion of the course, students can opt for employment in different countries across the world. They can also apply for the employment tests in the USA and Europe.
Easy procedure of enrollment
The country has easy admission process, and this acts as a major reason for international students. The rules of admission follow the international regulations. Students have to complete their secondary education in their home country that is at par with the education system of Kyrgyzstan. To enroll to this course, students need to acquire a minimum of fifty percent in the secondary education. They have to submit the mark sheet and certificates of the secondary examination. Along with this, they also need to submit a copy of the passport, entry visa, application letter to the university send by the student, letter from the university and medical certificates. Students also have to submit the proof of finances and copies of their recent photographs at the time of admission.
Expenses for education
Students are provided with accommodation in the hostel of the university and for this, they need to pay US $ 200 per annum. Apart from this, students need to pay a tuition fee of US $ 2,200 per annum at the beginning of the academic year. In the first year, students need to pay extra charges regarding the admission procedures and these expenses are non-refundable.
International School of Medicine
International School of Medicine is a part of the International University of Kyrgyzstan and is located in Bishkek, the capital city of the country. The medical school was established by the government of the country to train the doctors according to the international standards. It is one of the best institutes in the country, and the medium of instruction of the course is in English. The Medical School has the scope of conducting research in cooperation with the leading medical institutes across the world. The university aims at training medical professionals to treat the population in the Eurasian countries.
Different courses offered
The institute is licensed by the Ministry of Education of the country. It offers a course on General Medicine that has the duration of six years. After completion of the course, students are awarded M.D. that is at par with the MBBS degree conferred by the Indian medical universities and colleges. There is also a postgraduate course in medical science of three years. Students have the scope of specialization in various fields as gynecology, surgery, international medicine, pediatrics and other areas of medical sciences. Students can also opt for research-based programs that require the submission of the dissertations. On completion of the Ph.D, students are awarded Candidate of Medical Sciences degree and after completion of doctoral sciences, students are awarded the Doctor of medical sciences.
Worldwide recognition of the course
This university follows the standards set by the World Federation of Medical Education to determine the curriculum of the course. The Medical school also has collaboration with many of the reputed medical schools across the world. They also abide by the Bologna Process that gives an edge to the international students and gives them the scope of practicing in the EU countries after completion of the course. The courses offered are recognized by the World Health Organization and are accredited by the medical council of different countries. Recent innovations in the field of medical sciences are incorporated in the curriculum of the course that keeps students updated with the recent advancements. These reasons attract the international students to the medical universities of this country.
Requirement for admission
International students have to complete their secondary education that is at par with the education system of the country. It is mandatory for students to have a minimum of fifty percent in the secondary education. Students need to submit the mark sheet and certificates of the secondary examination for the bachelor’s degree course and certificates of the Bachelor’s degree for the postgraduate course. A copy of the passport, appropriate visa, application letter, letter from the university and medical certificates also needs to be submitted to the university. Apart from this, students need to submit proof of finances and copies of their recent photographs.
Fee structure of courses
Students have to pay the tuition fee at the initiation of the academic year. International students have to pay approximately US$ 2,200 per annum both for the course in General Medicine and the postgraduate course. Apart from this, they need to pay for their accommodation which is US $ 550 per annum in the first year, and from the second year onwards, the charges is US$ 450 per annum.


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